Tommy Hemenway


Just a lad in 1979, Tommy had an idea to put radios into cars that had no radios, like Datsuns and Hondas.  Since 1979, he’s taken car audio from AM to FM, FM to stereo, stereo to 8 track, 8 track to cassette, cassette to cd, cd to satellite, satellite to music off the phone/iPod.  He’s always researching new products to make your time in the car more comfortable and enjoyable.1


Teresa Hemenway

Customer Service

Also known as Mrs. Tommy Hemenway.  Not terribly knowledgeable when it comes to mobile electronics but an expert at customer service and keeping the guys in line.2

Sean Beauman

Master Technician

A super tech who is as comfortable working on an Audi R8 ($180K) as he is in a Honda Civic.  A pro at installation and product knowledge and an all-time customer favorite!